box1 W1S1 [bɔks US ba:ks] n
4¦(in a court/theatre etc)¦
5¦(small building)¦
6¦(at a post office)¦
7¦(sports field)¦
11 be out of your box
[Date: 900-1000; : Latin; Origin: buxus, from Greek pyxis, from pyxos type of tree, whose wood was used for making boxes]
a container for putting things in, especially one with four stiff straight sides
cardboard/wooden/plastic etc box
a strong cardboard box
toolbox/shoebox/matchbox etc
(=a box used for keeping tools etc in)
2.) ¦(AMOUNT)¦ also boxful
the amount of something contained in a box
box of
a box of chocolates
3.) ¦(SHAPE)¦
a) a small square on a page for people to write information in
Put an 'X' in the box if you would like to join our mailing list.
b) a ↑square or ↑rectangle on a page where information is given or where an answer can be written
The box on the left gives a short history of the battle.
a small area of a theatre or court that is separate from where other people are sitting
the jury box
a box at the Palace Theatre
a small building or structure used for a particular purpose
= ↑booth
a sentry box
telephone box
box 25/450 etc
a box with a number in a ↑post office, where you can have letters etc sent instead of to your own address
= ↑PO Box
7.) ¦(SPORTS FIELD)¦ [C usually singular]
a special area of a sports field that is marked by lines and used for a particular purpose
the penalty box
a piece of plastic that a man wears over his sex organs to protect them when he is playing a sport, especially ↑cricket
9.) ¦(TREE)¦ [U and C]
a small tree that keeps its leaves in winter and is often planted around the edge of a garden or field
a box hedge
the box informal
the television
What's on the box tonight?
11.) be out of your box
BrE informal to be very drunk or have taken an illegal drug
→↑black box
box 2
box2 v
[Sense: 1,4; Date: 1300-1400; Origin: Origin unknown.]
[Sense: 2-3; Date: 1400-1500; Origin: BOX1]
1.) [I and T]
to fight someone as a sport by hitting them with your closed hands inside big leather ↑gloves
2.) also box up [T]
to put things in boxes
Want to help me box up the Christmas tree lights?
3.) [T]
to draw a box around something on a page
4.) box sb's ears
old-fashioned to hit someone on the side of their head
box in [box sb/sth<=>in] phr v
1.) to surround someone or something so that they are unable to move freely
Someone had parked right behind them, boxing them in.
2.) feel boxed in
a) to feel that you cannot do what you want to do because a person or situation is limiting you
Married for only a year, Connie already felt boxed in.
b) to feel that you cannot move freely, because you are in a small space
box off [box sth<=>off] phr v
to separate a particular area from a larger one by putting walls around it
We're going to box off that corner to get extra storage space.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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